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Amazon Treasure Truck

I’m starting to be a big Amazon user, I find it very convenient and it save a lot of time and travel. This looks interesting, I signed up.


Recycling complications

Last night, Mr. Fields talked about curb side recycling changes and trash service cost increases.

Global market complicates local recycling, frustrates residents

“Suddenly, the collectors stopped picking up recyclables,” said Sheila Holland, a Malden resident. “No notice, no explanation, but week after week, they skipped collecting them. Finally I went down to the Public Works Department to find out what was going on.”

A town employee told Holland the city had switched to a “dual-stream” system.



Podcast recording line

Have something to say in 3 minutes, maybe talk about growing up in Easton, an interest or activity you’re involved with, your business, etc?

Just call 508-205-9010 and will include your message in podcasts and on here.


Car break-ins in town

I’m hearing a lot about car break-ins in the North Easton area?

What’s happening with 5 Corners development?

Anyone attend the recent meeting?

How about Columbia Gas?

Welcome to the new EastonMass.com

After 22 years managing the online discussion forum, I decided to update things and move to a wordpress blog to make posting easier and provide more information at a faster pace.

Ideas, suggestions and comments always appreciated.

PLEASE REPLY TO THE TOPICS! I’m not getting very much discussion, thanks!



Some photos are from the Easton Historical Society and Carl Holmander’s collection of Easton photos.
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