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Feedback: The Podcasting 101 tutorial was immensely helpful!  I signed up to learn about podcasting to help launch a new business. Not only did I learn the basics, but Burt Lewis customized the sessions and introduced me to the tools I needed prior to setting up a podcast. Burt is a hugely generous person who is passionate and dedicated to sharing his expertise to help others succeed and reach their true potential.  He is one of the most knowledgeable, smartest people I have ever met. More importantly, he has a wonderful, motivating teaching style that doesn’t intimidate. I’m not sure how Burt did it, but after meeting with him for three sessions, I was able to update my social media tools, start a website, and test out and add an ntroductory podcast onto the website.  Best of all, I am now truly excited about playing around with these tools. I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their podcasting and other social media computer skills to sign up for Burt’s classes. He’s the best!

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Please Sign the Petition – Funding Threat to Easton Community Cable

The FCC is proposing to redefine what a franchise fee is – and it will radically reduce the level of monetary support available to run public access channels like Easton Community Cable across the United States.

If you value the work that Easton Community Cable does in the Easton community then they need your support today.
Please sign the petition here:

Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019


…1. The growing importance of personal branding to business branding

Particularly for small businesses, putting a real, human face to a brand name helps to build loyalty. A brand that’s more relatable, and has the human element, naturally garners more trust, and trust is essential for building relationships.

One way to humanize a brand is to promote the personal brand of the business owner or a high-level leader…

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for following for the last 22 years…

Have a Happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Thank you for following me and, soon to be going into it’s 23rd year of providing online information and discussions.

–Burt Lewis

Wall St. Journal: Facebook Morale Takes a Tumble Along With Stock Price

Facebook Inc.’s difficult year is taking a toll on employee morale, with several key measures of internal sentiment taking a sharp turn for the worse over the past year, according to people familiar with the matter and messages reviewed by The Wall Street Journal…

Hackers are Looking to Sell Private Facebook Information, Another Facebook Data Issue

Facebook is facing questions over yet another data breach, with the BBCreporting that a hacker group has published private messages from more than 81,000 Facebook users’ accounts, while it claims to have access to 120 million profiles. The group is attempting to sell the information via the dark web…

Podcasting 101, how to get up and running and syndicated, questions and answers…

Podcasting is hot right now, I did my first video podcast in 2007 and it currently has 107,000 views. I did 75 live local cable shows a few years ago and I’ll talk more about that later. I currently give a Podcasting 101 course at my local library and will gladly help anyone that wants to learn how easy it is. It’s a simple and easy way to get the word out and as Kate Stallings, a social media marketing expert, says, “it’s at everyone’s fingertips…”

Here is one of my first video podcasts:

Here are my class notes:

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