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Lee Williams – Snot Rags, Bicycles & Grange Fairs in the 40’s, 50’s

Lee Williams, Life Around the 5 Corners in the 40’s, 50’s

Lee Williams, Having a Paper Route in Easton during the 40’s and 50’s

Listen to Easton townie, Lee “Mr. Easton” Williams, talk about how it was to have a paper route as a kid growing up in Easton during the 1940;s and 50’s.

AFL Podcast Episode #19 – Lee Williams, Farm Work in Easton during the 40’s and 50’s

Borderland: The Life & Times of Blanche Ames Ames – The Trailer – Donate to help complete the film…

Borderland: The Life & Times of Blanche Ames Ames chronicles the remarkable life of a society woman who was determined to change American society. Blanche Ames wrote, marched, and organized. A talented artist and birth control maverick, she drew political cartoons in support of…

Lee Williams Reminiscence – Furnace Village Grammar School

Lee was born and raised in the Furnace Village section of Easton, listen and enjoy him talking first hand about Easton life in the 40’s and 50’s.

Lee Williams Reminiscence – Start With a Rabbit, End With a Cow

Hazel Varella Video – Remembering Elise Ames Parker

DECLASSIFIED PHOTOS – Atomic bombs in WWII, Enola Gay

Courtesy of Lee Williams: Forest Arden was the chief flight mechanic of a B-29 stationed at Tinian Island. His aircraft was parked nearby to the Enola Gay and he watched the loading procedure of the first Atomic Bomb. He said that security was strictly…

Is Christopher Columbus a hero? Schools grapple with how to teach a complicated legacy

Columbus deserves nuanced view, as do Native Americans, some of whom committed genocide and kept slaves — Stu Bykofsky (@StuBykofsky) October 8, 2018

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