How I won the 1999 Town of Easton Outstanding Achievement Award

In 1996 I took a part time night job after my day job working for the Internet Connection (iCi) in Mansfield Mass., a local Internet access dial up provider. I took the job for the sole purpose of learning from the inside about the new piece of technology called the Internet and the World Wide Web. It was just starting, I new it was going to be big and I wanted to learn and know all about it… More to come, stay tuned…12654322_10208053919613609_1866953152359562717_n


My blog, still going strong after 22 years – a look back…

I started this blog in 1996, before facebook, before twitter, before instagram, before wordpress, before the word blog… as a service to the town in which I live where the idea was that citizens could connect online, post information, learn from each other, share, exchange ideas, discuss what’s going on, etc.

22 years later, it’s still going on, thank you for following

Screen shots from a 1998 version that was coded by hand:

See it here:






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Letter from Queset House Author in Residence, Kate Klise (2018)

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Letter from Queset House (2018)

Dear Friends,

  1. You must be getting tired of listening to me blather on about how much I love spending time at Queset House. So this year, I thought I’d make a list of 18  things I’ve loved about spending a month as your writer-in-residence in 2018.Taking a Zentangle class with Debbie Adduci and learning how to create a little piece of perfectly imperfect art
  2. Meeting so many writers with fascinating works-in-progress at my Wednesday night writing workshops
  3. Helping 40-some high school seniors at Oliver Ames High School with their college essays
  4. Discovering how alive the spirit of entrepreneurship is at OAHS (Wouldn’t Oliver Ames be thrilled to know about the student who attached a weed whacker motor to his bike and created an electric bike—or the one who started a weekend side hustle as a wedding photographer? Wouldn’t old Oliver be equally thrilled to know many of these students sent me thank-you emails the day after our workshop?)
  5. Working with my young friend Brianna on a serious letter to the editor
  6. Talking with Rose about how to write a powerful testimonial to deliver at her church
  7. Crafting a marketing letter with Ihuoma about her passion for teaching STEM skills to kids through balloon art
  8. Seeing my friend Ed Hands, whose sweet dog, Maggie, inspired my last book
  9. Working on a motivational speech with Roshanda about living the good life, even with kidney disease
  10. Knowing Gail is going to write her book about Fergie and Casey in November
  11. Being asked to lead story hour for the library’s youngest patrons while Ms. Jessica was on vacation
  12. Learning the nuts and bolts of podcasting from tech wizard Burt Lewis
  13. Listening to live music in Queset Garden
  14. Watching a group of women dance for fun in the formal dining room (Was that the Hustle I saw?)
  15. Meeting Easton’s finest firefighters after I accidentally set off the fire alarm at Queset House (So sorry, you guys)
  16. Knowing Tim Hurley would be able to figure out a Matlock-worthy way to reset the alarm system after all my attempts failed
  17. Hiking after-hours at Moose Hill Trail with Dr. Uma Hiremath and losing our way (again!), but knowing there’s no person with whom I’d rather be lost
  18. Learning about Blanche Ames—my new hero—while working on a documentary with Bill Ames and Kevin Friend about Blanche and Oakes Ames’s life at Borderland.

Speaking of Blanche and Oakes, earlier this week, I found the sweetest picture of Oakes, sitting in the grass with his toddler daughter, Pauline. The photo caption reads: “Some day, you will wish to know how we lived where foxgloves and luxury were our daily delight in late June 1903.” 

Someday, if people wish to know how we lived in the late summer and early fall of 2018, please show them a picture of Queset House and tell them about all the people who make this house feel like home.

-Kate Klise


Good morning, we’re blogging…

I have been blogging before the word existed now we’re blogging more with a new site, new software that’s mobile friendly, easy to use with a lot of possibilities. Please keep following and posting as I keep tweaking and fine tuning. The look and feel will be changing many times, just so you know…

Welcome to the new

After 22 years managing the online discussion forum, I decided to update things and move to a wordpress blog to make posting easier and provide more information at a faster pace.

Ideas, suggestions and comments always appreciated.

PLEASE REPLY TO THE TOPICS! I’m not getting very much discussion, thanks!



Some photos are from the Easton Historical Society and Carl Holmander’s collection of Easton photos.