Joe Kennedy III Calls For Federal Legalization of Marijuana

USA TODAY – Used car payments hit record $400 per month as prices top $20,000

Americans are spending more than ever for used cars.

The average price of a used vehicle hit an all-time high for the third quarter of 2018, according to car-buying advice site Edmunds.

At $20,084, the average price was up 3.5 percent from the same period a year earlier and up nearly 19 percent from five years earlier.

Subaru slumps to quarterly loss amid spiraling quality costs, recalls

TOKYO – Subaru tumbled into the red in the latest quarter amid spiraling costs for a series of recalls in Japan and other issues stemming from an ongoing spate of faulty vehicle inspections…

One ominous sign that another recession is looming

Yes — cash is back.

Once again people who don’t want to take on the risks of the stock market or the bond market or the gold market or any other market — and just want a reasonable rate of return on their savings without having to worry — are starting to feel some love.

Interest rates on two-year certificates of deposit or CDs — not quite “cash,” but pretty close — have just cracked 3% for the first time since living memory…

Tech to blame for ever-growing auto repair costs, AAA says

It’s hard to remove a part from a new car without coming across a wire attached to it. As tech grows to occupy every spare corner of the car, many buyers might not realize that all that whiz-bang stuff is going to make collision repair an absolute bear…

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