South Easton Motor Sales Review – “This is how a dealership should be run” – HarleyGuy1128

My mother had purchased a vehicle from them a few years ago and I recalled that she was very impressed with the simplicity of their process and their customer service. Based on her experience I decided to give them a try and I couldn’t be happier. There’s a reason South Easton Motor Sales has been in business since 1947. Their selection of used vehicles are top notch and their process is flawless. There’s no high pressure sales tactics, incessant follow up phone calls, texts or emails and it’s ALWAYS busy. That tells you that they’re doing something right. I didn’t have a salesperson sitting in the back seat during the test drive looking for the trial close. I was comfortable on the test ride alone, came back and got right to business. I was offered a fair amount for my trade (more than I expected) and thanks to the CarGurus website I knew the price on my new vehicle was more than fair. I got a call the next morning that Eric had received a better rate from the credit union than what I was originally quoted and in turn it lowered my monthly payment. Eric is a true professional and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do business with him. There is no doubt in my mind that you have made a customer for life. I’m genuinely thankful and appreciative of how you conduct your business. Sincerely, Scott P. Comfrey

Nice customer comment about “to the point” style

I thought I  would share this nice comment sent to the owner of South Easton Motor Sales, an independent used car dealer in Easton Mass.,  where I work part-time.

Just want to tell you to that I really appreciate finding a dealership that delivers all they say and do not just try whatever it takes to lure you to the lot. Your ‘to the point’ style is exactly the type of business I like to give my money to. Something that is surprisingly hard to do most of the time.  Thanks again!!