Saturday 1/19/19 & Sunday 1/20/19

Saturday’s I work at the Ames Free Library Queset House Learning Commons. Yesterday, I conducted 3 one-on-one training sessions, 2 WordPress for beginners, 1 podcasting 101, it was a busy day for sure.

Sunday, we had 4 inches of snow last night that changed to heavy freezing rain. I cleared most of the driveway and walkway at first with my snowblower that struggled because of the weight of the snow then I finished it off by shovel. I also spread a sand/salt mixture that I got at the DPW. I fill up a big tub of it or more every winter and keep in the back of my 2 wheel drive Ford Ranger pickup.

Answering some online leads for the dealership then getting then off to South Easton Motor Sales, 300 Turnpike St. Easton, MA, for some used vehicle selling…



1 Hour Free One-On-One Photography 101 Classes at the Ames Free Library

Learn basic photography with award winning photographer Eric Lothrop.

Put down that iPhone and shoot like a pro. Eric will teach you everything you need to know for taking great photos in no time.
All you need is DSLR camera to get started (Point and Shoot cameras such as Power Shot, Cyber-Shoot and Coolpix are not covered in these sessions).

Sessions with Eric are for 1 hour, and are by appointment only.
Please schedule your session online HERE, or call 508-238-2000, ext. 3.

Event Location: Queset House, 1st Floor Information Cafe

‘Warring factions’ causing pickleball drama

Carolina Beach removes skill levels for pickleball after ‘warring factions’ tell others ‘you can’t play with us’


CAROLINA BEACH — Being told you can’t play on the same court as someone else might sound like middle-school drama, but in Carolina Beach, it’s not the children who are fussing over a game.

According to town emails between a resident and Parks and Programs Superintendent Tim Murphy, there has been some tension on the pickleball courts.

Recently the town decided it would be best to remove advanced and intermediate pickleball hours from its schedule, instead opting for an ‘all-levels’ open play due to some disputes amongst players.

“Taking this into consideration, and the new influx of people who have joined and are interested in playing, Eric, myself and the front desk staff think the best way to schedule moving forward is to make open pickleball for all skill types. I hope you understand this decision and still enjoy participating. We love seeing the gym full of people playing pickleball,” he concluded.

The resident acknowledged there has been some so-called “pickleball drama” between “warring factions” but said he has not experienced someone telling another player they cannot play.

“If I may add a variation to the pickleball drama. Yes, there is a level of angst between the warring factions, please understand my tongue in cheek. However, I am there mostly every day and I have never heard any player say that others can’t play. Is there mumbling and grumbling, oh yeah, by both sides.

“In fact, I have discussed that levels are self-regulated as they are at the Y where I play weekends. Do paddles get moved, yes by both sides. If I don’t want to play with a person(s), I’ll hold my paddle out for the next group or grouping that I want,” the resident said in his email.

Easton’s Ames Free Library featured on ‘Chronicle’ TV Show

EASTON — It’s a feeling Uma Hiremath gets every time she steps into the warm, butternut-colored barrel vault room at the Ames Free Library.

Comfort. Coziness. Conviviality.

Or, as the Danish might say, that feeling of “hygge,” which was the focus of Wednesday night’s “Chronicle” program on WCVB-TV.

I’ve been working in this library for 10 years,” said Hiremath, the library’s director. “I look up and I see the barrel vault room and, involuntarily, I smile.”…