Saturday 1/19/19 & Sunday 1/20/19

Saturday’s I work at the Ames Free Library Queset House Learning Commons. Yesterday, I conducted 3 one-on-one training sessions, 2 WordPress for beginners, 1 podcasting 101, it was a busy day for sure.

Sunday, we had 4 inches of snow last night that changed to heavy freezing rain. I cleared most of the driveway and walkway at first with my snowblower that struggled because of the weight of the snow then I finished it off by shovel. I also spread a sand/salt mixture that I got at the DPW. I fill up a big tub of it or more every winter and keep in the back of my 2 wheel drive Ford Ranger pickup.

Answering some online leads for the dealership then getting then off to South Easton Motor Sales, 300 Turnpike St. Easton, MA, for some used vehicle selling…