Easton Fire Chief Encourages Residents to Sign Up for CodeRED Emergency Notification System

EASTON — Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Kevin Partridge is encouraging residents and business owners to sign up for the CodeRED community notification system, which sends important alerts and time-sensitive messages to those who are enrolled in the program.

Easton uses the Plymouth Bristol Emergency Alert System to inform residents and businesses during an emergency. To add a cell phone number, email address or landline number, follow this linkwww.pcsdma.org/codered.html. Please do not assume that you are already listed.

“As the town’s Emergency Management Director, I would like to see all of our residents signed up for these notifications,” Chief Partridge said. “With winter now upon us, there will be snowstorms, and with storms comes the potential for power outages and the need to open a shelter. CodeRED allows for residents to get important updates in a timely fashion.”

Additionally, residents and visitors can keep track of alerts in town with the CodeRED Mobile App, which notifies smartphone users of real-time alerts in the area.

About Emergency Communications Network:

Headquartered in Ormond Beach, FL, Emergency Communications Network (ECN) is one of North America’s largest providers of emergency notification and mass notification systems. ECN provides two primary services: CodeRED for state and local government entities to deliver emergency and general messaging to residents in specific geographic areas, and SmartNotice for staff and customer notification, an essential tool for business continuity and disaster recovery. ECN’s technology solutions are used each day to effectively alert, inform and save lives across the U.S. and Canada. To learn more, visit ecnetwork.com.