Month: October 2018

Pickleball Magazine, Sept. 2018

How to Stretch If You Hate Stretching

Sneak in stretches while you’re doing something else Jenn Menzer, a Boston-based personal trainer and functional strength coach, says she opts to stretch when she’s waiting on line at the grocery store…

Real Estate agent tricks of the trade.

Easton Mass. seniors enjoying “Pickleball” for exercise, fun, being social…

Like many other former active tennis players, I had to give it up about 5 years ago because my body kept breaking down. My back kept flaring up, I had an operation to repair 2 torn meniscus tendons in my knee, I still can’t…

All-wheel drive (AWD), or four-wheel drive (4WD), what’s the difference?

At one time, if you wanted a vehicle with four driven wheels, you were limited to just a handful of large trucks and full-size SUVs, most of which were used for work chores or off-road adventure. But times have changed. Now 45 percent of…

How to Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Preparing fluffy scrambled eggs sounds like it should be fairly simple, but there is a lot of controversy in the cooking world over the best way to achieve that fluffy, light texture…

Red Sox 2018 World Series Champs!

As a longtime fan, congrats to the 2018 Boston Red Sox, World Series Champions! What a team!  

There’s no need for the gym with these exercises to try at home

Fitness tips: the perfect home workout  

Introducing a ✨ .new ✨ time-saving trick for Google users.

Introducing a ✨ .new ✨ time-saving trick for users. Type any of these .new domains to instantly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites or Forms ↓ — Google Docs (@googledocs) October 25, 2018

World’s First Android TV pocket cinema

Small but mighty, Capsule II is the World’s First Android TV pocket cinema from Nebula by Anker. 3,600 native apps, 100% brighter screen, 720p HD and 3 hours playtime make it a real steal at 42% OFF! — Anker (@AnkerOfficial) October 26, 2018

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