Car break-ins in town

I’m hearing a lot about car break-ins in the North Easton area?

4 Comments on “Car break-ins in town

  1. I heard Williams St area was targeted as well. According to the police chief at the BOS meeting last night a gun was stolen from one of the vehicles.

  2. Easton man charged in vehicle break-ins; 15 reported

    A town man is accused of entering two unlocked vehicles early Saturday morning as 15 break-ins were reported within about a mile radius.

    Jerome Dixon, 27, was arraigned Monday at Taunton District Court on two counts of breaking and entering a vehicle during the night with intent to commit a felony and one count of larceny. He is being held on $1,000 bail.

    Police say they arrested Dixon walking in the area after officers were dispatched to a car break-in on Parker Terrace, a low-income public housing community for elderly and disabled residents, about 5:54 a.m…

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